Flat flexible cable (FFC) connectors are specifically designed to interface with flat ribbon cables. These connectors provide a reliable and secure connection. Wavelink offers a variety of FFC connectors and termination methods for our FFC cable, depending on your needs. We also provide custom connections specifically for your application. Contact us for more information.

Standard FCC Options

flexible flat cable products

Hirose DF9 Connectors

  • 0.5mm pitch ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) mating jumpers
  • 1.00mm pitch ZIF mating jumpers
  • 1.25mm pitch ZIF mating jumpers
  • 1.27mm pitch ZIF mating jumpers
  • 2.54mm pitch ZIF mating jumpers
  • Direct solder prepared (double-bare traces for bar or hand soldering to PCB)

flexible flat cable products

D-SUB Connectors

  • 1.27mm pitch crimp terminated jumpers (solder tabs, female, male, with or without housings)
  • 2.54mm pitch crimp terminated jumpers
  • Hirose DF9
  • FH28 Series
  • D-SUB

Custom FFC Connectors

flexible flat cable products

Custom FFC

  • Surface Mount or Through Hole Components - Soldered directly to the FFC
  • Discreet Wires - Directly soldered to one or both ends of an FFC

View a few of our Connectors (click to enlarge) below or visit the Product Gallery.

Flat Flexible Cable

Custom ZIF with locking features

Flat Flexible Cable

Aluminum foil EMI shield with drain wire

Flat Flexible Cable

Integrated Hirose DF9 connector

Over Molded Hirose Connector on shielded FFC

Over Molded Hirose Connector orn shielded FFC.

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