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Flat Flexible Cable
Flat Flexible Cable Flat Flexible Cable

Wavelink Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) provide easy reliable connection of multiple data points and/or power points in a small, light, flexible, space saving profile. Wavelink FFC is a laminated cable consisting of 1 or more flat conductors laid parallel on a specified pitch and laminated between two layers of dielectric. The flat conductors are typically oxygen free annealed copper and are either bare or tin coated. The dielectric is typically 1 mil or 2 mils of polyester film. Polyimide or other films can be used depending on application. FFC can be creased, punched, and folded as required to meet custom applications. In flexing applications, such as connection to a print head, millions of cycles to failure can be achieved depending on radius of bend. Additionally Wavelink FFC can be shielded on one or both sides with any combination of traces attached to the shield. All circuits are made to order and can be provided in lengths ranging from 12mm to 100 meters and from 1 trace to over 100 traces. We’ll be happy to help you design custom circuits for your application.


  • Small, light, flexible, space saving profile
  • Can be creased, punched, and folded
  • Polyester, Polyimide & Other Film Options
  • Gold plated exposures available
  • Oxygen-free annealed copper (bare or tin coated)
  • Lengths from 12mm to 100 meters
  • 1 to over 100 traces attached to shielding
  • Made to order
  • UL Approved
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Connectors & Termination

FFC may be terminated in the following ways:

  • Prepared to mate with ZIF style connectors and incorporating Wavelink patented Integral Stiffeners. Orientation of this style termination may be either same side bare or reverse bare.
  • Crimp terminated with male or female pins or solder tabs. Pins may be either receptacle or male and provided with any number of housings.
  • Prepared for direct solder to printed circuit boards by baring conductors on both sides of the circuit
  • Discreet wires, surface mount, or through hole components may be directly soldered to one or both ends of an FFC

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Pitches & Conductors

Wavelink FFC can be made with 1 to 100+ conductors. The number of conductors and spacing can be customized. Groupings of wires can be placed at different spacings and terminated differently within the same cable. The standard spacings are as follows:

  • 0.5mm
  • 1.00mm
  • 1.25mm
  • 1.27mm
  • 2.54mm
  • & More

FFC Shielding Options

FFC can be shielded on one or both sides. Any combination of traces can be attached to the shield to isolate individuals or groups of conductors. Shielding is laminated to the outside of the cable and consists of 0.5mil thick PET outer layer, adhesive, 0.3mil thick aluminum foil, and 1 mil thermoform bonding adhesive.

  • Shielding for one or both sides
  • Customizable Trace Attachment
  • & More