Wavelink offers a unique construction for ZIF mating jumpers called the Integral Stiffener (patented). The Integral Stiffener is an additional layer of polyester with thermal set adhesive on both sides which is located between the conductors and outer cover layer in the mating area (see Fig. 1). Other manufacturers currently apply stiffeners in a secondary operation to the outside of the cable with either thermo-set or pressure sensitive adhesives. The benefits of the Integral Stiffener are as follows:

  • Stiffener will not peel or fall off.
  • No messy pressure sensitive adhesive which tends to transfer and contaminate other contacts
  • Thorough seal around conductors
  • Smoother outside profile
  • Margins are precisely trimmed with stiffener already in place for accurate registration of traces.
  • Stiffener uses the same high quality flame retardant adhesive as the rest of the cable.

flexible flat cable products

flexible flat cable products

Investment in R&D

Wavelink has invested in Research and Development to resolve many of the issues, which have plagued other FFC manufacturers. Defects typical in FFC produced by other manufacturers are edge misalignment (margins), missing or poorly adhered stiffeners (backers), poor lamination, lengths out of tolerance, moisture shorts, and foreign material in the contact area. We have addressed each of these problems at their source.

Precision Tooling

Each component comprising the laminated cable is tension controlled and positioned by precision tooling as it enters the lamination process. All alignments are made with repeatable hard tooling and all timed actions are computer controlled. After initial setup, there are no manual adjustments required during the course of a production run to achieve high Cpk values on all critical dimensions.

Designed and Built In-House

All of our proprietary equipment is designed and built in house. Our access to a complete tool making shop allows us to easily improve our capacity and make any necessary tools for custom harnesses. Additionally we offer complete machining services for any special requirements such as brackets or strain relief components.

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