FLat Flexible Cable Solutions

Quality Control

The quality of Wavelink FFC is guaranteed by use of SPC to verify that critical processes are in control. First and last piece inspections are done on all jobs. Cables are 100% electrically tested for continuity and shorts. Spark testing is done at 2500V to insure the integrity of the insulation layers. Wavelink cable is a U.L. recognized component under file #E237578.

Test and inspection equipment include the following:

  • CAMI Research HVX cable and harness tester (continuity, shorts, and Hi-pot)
  • Hi pot testers
  • Clinton spark testers (2500V check for insulation pin holes)
  • Optical gauging
  • Micrometers / Calipers
  • Keyence Vision System

Additional equipment relating to the tool making group:

  • Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machines
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Digital height gauging
  • Surface finish measurement
  • Material hardness testing
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